Mirror Mirror?

February 3rd, 2017

As reported in our sister blog, Retail Consigliere, digital mirrors (or smart mirrors) are set to be a key interactive sales tool for retailers to exploit in 2017 and beyond! The digital revolution has fuelled an increased trend for online and mobile shopping, leaving retailers with the challenge of reviving their physical stores to retain and attract shoppers. Retailers are beginning to offer an interactive, personalised in store experience by providing bespoke choices, recommendations, fitting room experiences and the opportunity to engage with social media.

One in store service that retailers could improve is fitting rooms! They have long been the subject of criticism for their poor lighting, small spaces, long queues and lack of an easy way to contact a sales assistant once inside. A survey conducted by Body Labs in 2016 found that 46% of consumers “hate” trying on clothes in a fitting room. However, according to a study by retail analytics company Alert Tech, a shopper who uses a fitting room is 71% more likely to make a purchase than a shopper who just browses the sales floor. This highlights just how much retailers are missing out on potential sales!

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Digital mirrors may provide an innovative and efficient method of reinventing the fitting room experience. They provide shoppers with a range of extra services, including: radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags which are attached to price labels so retailers can automatically detect items that a shopper takes into the fitting room; 360-degree views of outfits; touchscreen technology to browse other colours, sizes and suggested items that can be put together to create an entire outfit; technology to allow shoppers to log onto their online account and add items to their wishlist; alternative lighting conditions and personalised compliments.

Digital mirrors can provide many different services and the brands listed below have been testing these various technologies in store as a means of personalising a shopper’s experience and promoting sales.


Uniqlo’s UMood

Uniqlo’s Australian stores have introduced UMood, a machine that uses neuroscience technology to assess your mood and which, following that analysis, recommends a type of t-shirt. You can try on clothing in front of a mirror and view it in different colours, turn around and see your 360-degree reflection, text yourself side-by-side outfit comparisons and even invite your friends to advise on the various options via social media.

Neiman Marcus Memory Mirror MemoMi

Neiman Marcus have introduced MemoMi Memory Mirrors in their stores. MemoMi Memory Mirrors are controlled through gestures or a mobile app and allow shoppers to instantly change the color or the pattern of their outfit, try on additional items virtually using the mirror, take 360-degree videos and also share a full body photo via email or social media. Neiman Marcus employees can also send recommendations directly to shoppers on the mirror screen.

Rebecca Minkoff’s Magic Mirrors

Rebecca Minkoff’s Magic Mirrors include touch screens which allow shoppers to change their lighting settings, select a variety of colours or sizes and add potential purchases to an online shopping basket.

Superdry Smart Mirrors

Superdry’s Berlin store has installed smart mirrors that contain integrated body tracking technology which: allow shoppers to try on the garments digitally; provide information, such as colour options and design details; and message shoppers, encouraging them to share their smart mirror experience and favourite products on social media platforms. Superdry are also collecting data on shoppers’ preferred products to help develop future collections.

The development of these interactive stores, tech inspired fitting rooms and digital smart mirrors are evolving, but will they convince shoppers? Regardless of the outcome, Fashionista thinks they sound like fun and looks forward to trying one out during her next shopping expedition!

By: Katharine Lammiman
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